"Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood" Author on the Importance of Heroes to Children

Veterans are our neighbors, our family, our friends and have risked their lives for our freedom.  A new book is inspiring young people to look up to our nation’s heroes.  Valerie Pfundstein, author of "Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood,” stopped by FOX and Friends to discuss the importance of listening to veterans’ stories.  

 “When I grew up, my grandfather would tell stories of when he was in the war and we would just sit there and listen to all these wonderful stories and children nowadays are just like that,’ Pfundstein said.  “They want to hear the stories.”

Pfundstein, also a teacher, brings veterans to her classroom to meet her students throughout the year.  “[Veterans] love their country so much that they served our country and really provided the safety that we have for our children now.”  

The Mission:

‘You’re hired!’ There is no greater way for a business to say thank you to our courageous servicemen and women than providing them with a job.  The mission of Helping Heroes Work is to raise awareness for the responsibility we all share in helping our returning veterans begin this next critical phase in their lives. More