Nebraska Governor Launches New Campaign to Help Vets Find Careers

Last month, the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in nearly two years, but the rate for veterans is still at an unacceptable 8.3 percent. Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, a veteran himself, is now launching a new program called Nebraska Hires Veterans to help out.

Heineman discussed how he aims to aid his state's former service members, saying, “We’re doing it because we’re reaching out to veterans and trying to assist them as they come into the workforce.”

"I just want veterans to know, in Nebraska we respect you," he later added. "Take a look at us," he continued, saying, "we have all the qualities of life, and most importantly, you can take care of your family when you have a job, and we have those here in Nebraska. We'd love to have you in our state.”

The Mission:

‘You’re hired!’ There is no greater way for a business to say thank you to our courageous servicemen and women than providing them with a job.  The mission of Helping Heroes Work is to raise awareness for the responsibility we all share in helping our returning veterans begin this next critical phase in their lives. More