Giving Our Returning Heroes an Opportunity to Excel


"When you hire a vet, you know what you're getting," says Bill White, the former head of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and current Constellations Group CEO. 

“Somebody who’s highly trained, highly motivated, will show up on time, say yes sir, yes ma’am, come clean cut, clean shaven, and give his or her best," he said during an interview on 'Imus in the Morning.' 

White says we owe urges all employers to consider hiring returning heroes.  "Even if they’ve been through hell and back, these kids are very inspirational and we should consider them as we look to hire folks in our companies,” he said. 

"We owe them an opportunity to excel." 





The Mission:

‘You’re hired!’ There is no greater way for a business to say thank you to our courageous servicemen and women than providing them with a job.  The mission of Helping Heroes Work is to raise awareness for the responsibility we all share in helping our returning veterans begin this next critical phase in their lives. More