George W. Bush Pushing to Take 'Disorder' Out of PTSD

Former President George W. Bush is making it his mission to help wounded veterans and reintegrate them into society in a positive way. He says he wants to take the word "disorder" out of post-traumatic stress disorder.

In an emotional ABC News interview, Bush said, “My spirit is always uplifted when I visit with vets. I say there’s no self-pity. We’ve got a society that’s incredibly comfortable and too many people say ‘woe is me.’ Not our veteran community. […] They say 'what can I do to continue to serve?'”

Sitting next to President Bush during the interview was Jake Wood, a former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He helped to found Team Rubicon, a group made up of vets and doctors who respond to disasters at home and around the world.

This morning on America’s Newsroom, Wood spoke to Martha MacCallum about President Bush’s commitment to the troops. “I think his commitment is absolutely genuine. As a nation, we went to war together. Certainly as commander in chief, President Bush ordered us to war, and so he served in many ways right alongside us.”

Wood said President Bush’s push to take the word “disorder” out of PTSD would help the country to recognize that it’s an injury.

“There are some veterans who do need help and it’s our duty as a nation to help provide that help for them… so that they can come back and contribute every bit as the Greatest Generation did after World War II,” Wood said.

The Mission:

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